12 Foot Tree

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A very unique and enchanting design, you will enjoy art imitating nature in the form of this attractive tree. Our 8′ LED Cherry Blossom Trees can be used for a variety of events all year round. With mounting hardware for indoor and outdoor decorating, the Cherry Blossom Tree can be enjoyed as a permanent addition to your home or garden. There are 1728 LED lights with WHITE realistic bark.

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Rental information

Please be sure to call MISS DIG to assure us we are not hitting any lines or irradiation lines 2 weeks before your scheduled tent date. https://www.missdig.org/
We will be coming the day before your tent date. We will be picking up the day after your tent date. All our tents will be cleaned and sanitized along with chairs, as well as other things to make sure everything is cleaned and sanitized. A couple things that can help out transition to be smooth.

Please pick up all dog poop of your yard before our arrival. That assures are tent to be clean.

Please make sure all debris is out of our way where your tent will be going.

And any questions please call us and we will answer all your questions. 248-408-6393